Why AboutCoconut.org?

Coconut palm treeCoconuts are arguably one of mankind’s oldest source of food, as well as several other raw materials. Judging by the fast growing visibility of coconut-based products in natural products stores and mainstream retail, coconuts are also hot. In addition to many brands of virgin coconut oil (VCO), one finds coconut milk and butter, coconut flakes, coconut water and many products made with such coconut ingredients. Some suppliers and enthusiastic “reseachers” attribute miraculous health benefits to coconut foods, while the “health establishment” still considers the high percentage of saturated fatty acids in coconut oil a detriment to blood cholesterol levels and a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. This confuses consumers.

AboutCoconut.org was created by an affiliation of providers of organic coconut products in the U.S. and Europe. We are dedicated to the sustainable and socially responsible farming and use of the coconut palm. This website is designed as clearinghouse of science-based information on coconuts and their products, notably VCO.  Its main goal is to give consumers, physicians and the trade factual and actionable information that allows them to understand the nutritional attributes and health effects of VCO and other coconut products and to make them a delicious delicious and healthy part of their diet.